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Tavares Strachan: I AM (signed) Limited Edition


I Am by Tavares Strachan (Artist),‎ Shaheen Merali (Author, Editor),‎ Amanda Hunt (Author),‎ Erica Sellers (Contributor),‎ Neville Wakefield (Introduction),‎ Brooke DiDonato (Photographer),‎ David Blank (Photographer)

Two hundred and ninety craters, built over a span of 4 acres, the size of two American football fields, were dug in Palm Springs, CA in the winter of 2017. The holes in the desert were mapped and dug into the sediment, brightly lit neon tubes aligned the perimeters of each crater. From a distance, the viewer can read the exploded phrase “I am”. This book is a representation of the process and implantation of this installation.

Curated by Desert X

Limited Edition sets comes with the sealed and signed book, specially designed shovel bookstand, and these works are buried in the Palm Springs desert and come with map coordinates.

Soft-bound catalog in printed acetate sleeve, and custom ziplock
Included: Shovel/Stand, Coordinate card, white flag
Signed by Tavares Strachan
216 pages
Limited Edition of 290
ISBN: 978-692-84813-5


Please contact the studio to purchase a copy of this book by emailing info@isolatedlabs.com

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