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Tavares Strachan: In Broad Daylight


“In broad daylight” is a phrase that speaks to the brazen-ness of an offence. To commit a criminal act in prime time, when it can be fully seen and witnessed, often confounds and produces an adamant disbelief. Strachan’s proclivity for playing with double meaning is reflected in the exhibition’s title through his interpretation of the phrase as a revelation of fundamental truths; a nod to an old wives’ tale, “sunlight being the best medicine.” In this exhibition, Strachan explores this duality through a new series of life-size sculptures based on the theme of the Madonna and Child.

Text by: Nancy Spector, Romi Crawford
Hardcover: 126 pages
Publisher: Perrotin/Isolated Publishing (2023)
Language: English
ISBN: 9791091539425
8.5 x 11 inches


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