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Tavares Strachan: Seen/Unseen

Seen/Unseen is an artist book and monograph documenting Strachan’s 2011 survey exhibition “Seen/Unseen,” installed in an undisclosed New York City location and deliberately made inaccessible to the general public. Navigating through the polarizing dichotomies of presence and absence, visibility and invisibility, and man and nature, Tavares Strachan has engineered a multidisciplinary artistic practice that mobilizes our visual, intellectual, and emotional faculties. Aeronautical and astronomical science, deep-sea exploration, and extreme climatology are but some of the thematic arenas out of which Strachan creates performative allegories that tell of cultural displacement, human aspiration, and mortal limitation.

Edited by Hanae Ko and Elaine W. Ng and designed by Sagmeister&Walsh Seen/Unseen features new texts by Gregory Volk and Robert Hobbs and interviews between the artist and Franklin Sirmans and schoolchildren of the Cary Academy.

Tavares Strachan: Seen/Unseen

ISBN: 9780984562565
Hardcover, 182 pages, full color illustration
21.5 × 29.5 cm
Two texts, two interviews and exhibition checklist.
Published by : ArtAsiaPacific (2014)


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